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Friday, 1 March 2019

I know I said I wasn't going to be a 'Mummy Blogger' but I also love to share products with you that I have tried, tested and loved. So when I started weaning Tobias and these brands made my life so much easier, I knew I was always going to have to write a full post about them.

Before I had Tobias, and in his first few weeks, I had in my head that I was going to do baby led weaning. Everyone was saying it was the best way to do it and that if I'm giving him purée and pouches I was setting myself up for a fall, it was going to make him hate solid, real food, when it was easier to eat smooth stuff. Well guess what, they were wrong, every baby is different and if I had had to sit through another meal with Tobias gagging on every crumb of food that touched his mouth and screaming because he hated the feel of everything I would have gone insane. Turns out, like his mother, he is fussy about textures, so starting him off easy and working our way up has been perfect.

Tobias now eats anything and everything and starting him off on completely smooth purée pouches at 5 months was the best decision. We started with Aldi's own brand Mamia and Ella's Kitchen, we used both for variety more than anything else. Ella's Kitchen had a bigger range with just veg as well as fruit pouches where as Aldi only do the just fruit pouches but all of them have just fruit or just veg in them, no nasty hidden rubbish. There is a bit of a price gap with Aldi coming out cheaper on the whole but if you join Ella's Kitchen Weaning Club you do get vouchers and they are always on offer somewhere, if you shop around.

Now that Tobias is 7 months he has lots of textures in his meals and he tries everything. He particularly loves the melty crisps that come in a wide range of flavours from Ella's Kitchen and they do a similar version, again a little cheaper if you are on a tight budget, in Aldi. But like the pouches, they don't have as wide a variety. 

I have started making my own meals up for him now that he is eating more textures so whenever I am boiling veg for our meals I always have a little extra added in or, I'll do a big batch cook on a Sunday evening so I know that we have plenty to fall back on if we are in a rush. I'm loving watching him try all the new flavours. I do have to pretend to love it myself sometimes, when in actual fact, I'm the fussiest eater when it comes to veg, but I am determined to not let Tobias get like me. 

What are the best products or tips you've discovered whilst weaning?
Abi xo

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