2018 In Review

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Its a little later than I would normally do a round up post but as you can tell, I’ve been having a bit of a blog break recently. Who knew having a baby would take up so much time! 2018 was a year of massive change and even though the majority was amazing, I am so exhausted 90% of the time.

So obviously the biggest change was the birth of Tobias in July. He wasn’t due until August but he decided to make his arrival around 3 weeks early, and it was a dramatic arrival. With my labour starting on the Friday and him not actually coming until the early hours of the Monday morning. We had practised Hypnobirthing and, even though I didn’t end up having the birth I wanted, it definitely helped me get through the majority of the labour on just gas and air, until it all went wrong. The last 6 months have flown and I love being a mother. He is so funny and mischievous already and every day he learns something new. It’s amazing watching him grow!

We moved into our house in April, our first as homeowners, and even though it wasn’t completely finished, we thought we would do the last bits after we moved in. The majority of those jobs are still to be done but we are slowly working our way through them. Life has been put on hold since July but we are starting to get into a proper routine so things are moving a little quicker. I am looking forward to getting everything in it’s proper place now the Christmas decorations are down and we can finally get to work on making every room as homely as possible. 

Another job that was put on hold was Aggie. Mainly because of the baby and not being able to do much while pregnant, but also because I had been shortlisted to be on a restoration TV show. I was super excited, but it also meant I couldn’t do anything for a little while until they had decided what work they wanted to do on it, incase we did things they wanted to show. The show has fallen through and isn’t being made now though, which is gutting, but also means I can crack on. We have started putting plans in place this week to make a start again, so hopefully there will be lots more blogs coming up. 

As if I didn’t have enough pressure on me with moving house and having a baby within a few months of each other, I also moved studio. If you’ve been reading for a little while, you will know that I run a photography studio. The space I was using previously was only a stop gap, as I had to move out of my first premises, so as soon as I go back to work (next month!!!) I will have a lovely new studio to work in. I can’t wait to get back to creating memories for people to treasure forever, I’m just gutted I’m not going to have as much time with my son.

I’m looking forward to the year ahead. I’m not really one for making resolutions but I do have a few goals. I want to get into a routine that creates a good work/life balance for the whole family. This will help me get back into blogging, which I’ve missed over the last few months. I feel really disconnected from the whole blogging world and what has been going on. I also have more determination in me than ever to get my camper back on the road!! I’ve had it 10 years this year and it’s about time we started having adventures again. It will be amazing to be able to travel the UK in her and take Tobias to see all the amazing places we have on our doorstep. 

Do you have any goals for the year? What was your 2018 like? Leave me your links so I can read your year reviews and resolutions!

Abi xo

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