Picking Pumpkins at Penyfodau Fawr Farm

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

I come from a big family, but that doesn't stop us getting together and doing as much as possible as often as possible. One of the biggest things I am thankful for is how close I am to all my aunties and cousins as much as my immediate family. So now we have two new arrivals to the gang, in the form of my son Tobias and my sisters son Finley exactly 11 weeks after, we have even more excuses to spend time together as a family as they grow up together. Last week we decided to start a new family tradition and go picking our own pumpkins in Penyfodau Fawr Farm.

When we arrived we got stuck in straight away, the field was quite muddy after the massive storm we had the weekend before, but I chucked on my wellies and went hunting for the perfect pumpkin. There was pumpkins as far as you could see, but we stuck to the closer ones, having to carry the babies and wheel the barrow. There was a massive variety in colours and shapes that I didn't even know existed so I was loving getting to hand pick them. 

 My shoulder isn't doing the best at the moment, so with Nick in charge of the wheel barrow, it was down to Uncle Frank to carry Tobias while my sister carried Finley. I just stuck to taking the photos and making sure I didn't dislocate any more joints on the way around.

We did, of course, get the boys involved in a little photoshoot. We got them matching pumpkin baby grows from Matalan (They're on sale now, only £2!!) and got them in amongst the pumpkins ready for next October's calendar photo. I don't feel like they will appreciate these photos when they are 18 but I love them and I know the rest of the family will love their calendars come Christmas Day!

Do you have any family traditions? 

Abi xo

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  2. This looks like so much fun and loving the pumpkin baby grows!