MAM Baby Products Review

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

I didn't think I would ever love a baby brand as much as I love MAM. Every product I have tried, I have loved. It all started when I got a bottle and dummy free with Boots Parenting Club Vouchers. I hadn't heard of MAM before that, but after reading through the leaflet that came with it I knew they were different from other brands.

These bottles all boast self sterilising, which means that all the parts unscrew and fit inside each other and, with just a drop of water, go in the microwave and sterilise themselves without the aid of another product. Which lets you sterilise one at a time or fill the microwave, whichever is easier for you. 

They are all also anti colic bottles which has been great with Tobias, we noticed a difference straight away. Unlike normal bottles, the air gets drawn in from the bottom of the bottle instead of the top, allowing for less bubbles to be swallowed. These bottles literally changed our child, he is so much more content and happy after a feed, which before was something I thought was never going to happen, after having to reluctantly change to bottle feeding from breast. 

These dummies were also another product I was introduced to through the Boots Parenting Club. Tobias was only 6lb8oz born so the normal newborn dummies we had were way too big for him. They just wouldn't fit in his mouth properly, until we tried 0-2 month MAM dummies. They are much smaller and he took to them straight away. They also come in a sterilised box, like the bottles they pop into the microwave and stay sterilised for 48 hours. 

The one thing that I wasn't looking forward to when I had to change to bottle feeding, was having to carry around big bulky tubs of formula. With this powder dispenser we are able to take 3 feeds in separate compartments and know we have the exact amount we need. It's so much easier to fit in his bag and easy to clean and sterilise. 

I can't wait to try out more MAM products, they are making my life so much more easier at the moment. I'm sure if Tobias could talk, he would agree!

Have you used any MAM products? What are your favourites?

Abi xo

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