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Thursday, 9 August 2018

Knowing I was going on maternity leave in July I made sure I kept a few shows and movies on my Netflix watch list so that I knew I had plenty to watch and fill my time. I don't usually get a lot of time off so sitting down and doing nothing is usually really hard for me, I knew making sure I had some good shows to binge would make me relax and help speed up my recovery after Tobias was born.

Orange Is The New Black

I don't really have the same feelings on this show since 'THAT' episode but the new season is decent enough. I think it has lost some of its spark with the departure of some of the core characters and now with it moving prisons but if you have followed the rest of the show this season is still worth a watch. 


I was really late to the game with this one but I have nearly caught up in just a few weeks. This show is so good!! Season 4 gets dark, but I am loving it. Tommy Egan's character is hilarious and I'm going to be gutted when I've caught up fully and have to wait each week for the next episode. I don't know why I waited so long to start this show!

Good Girls

Hilarious! This is a new Netflix Original series and I can't wait for the second season already. The show centres around 3 , once straight laced, women on their bid to make some money to help their families. Every choice they make gets them deeper and deeper in a criminal under world no matter how much they try and get out of it. Featuring an awesome cast, this is definitely one to watch out for.


Back for it's second season, Glow season two is just as good as the first. The Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling are finally on tv and fighting for survival. If there is one thing that Netflix get right every time, it's a period drama. And they hit the nail on the head every time they recreate the 80's. Let's hope they can knock it out of the park again for season 3.

Final Space

Another Netflix Original animation centred around space, it has a Rick and Morty vibe without being quite as trippy. I have only watched a few episodes of this so far but it seems promising.

The Boss

Melissa McCarthy is a legend, she's hysterical in everything I've seen her in and this is no exception. This is a great, easy watch, feel good comedy. Kristen Bell accompanies McCarthy in a comedy duo that should have been around a long time ago. 

What have you been watching on Netflix recently?

Abi xo

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  1. I binge watched OITNB in one day! Not as good as some of the other series but an easy watch and it kept me entertained on my first day alone with the baby x

    1. Yeah it was great to chuck on while we were getting used to Tobias being here. I hope the next season will be better!

      Abi xo