Celebrating The Royal Wedding

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Yesterday, as the whole world already knows, was the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. I'm not a big royalist but I do love a wedding and I loved watching the last Royal Wedding so much I decided to have a few people over to enjoy the celebrations with me!

No Royal Wedding Party would be complete without the classic Victoria Sponge. I (accidentally) went for the more home made look, but it tasted ok. My cheesecake was a bit of an epic fail and managed to melt before we ate it and it looked dreadful, so that was at the back of the buffet table! 

We all hunted high and low for Union Jack tat too, but left it so late everywhere was sold out. We did manage a few plates and one string of bunting, luckily there wasn't too many of us so we coped. 

We forgot to take any photos as soon as the wedding started, apart from this one where Katie wasn't in because she got lost en route. It was so lovely to spend some girly time with some of my favourite people though and we had such a laugh providing running commentary on everyones outfits and the whole wedding. 

How did you watch the Royal Wedding?

Abi xo

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