Lush Cardiff Mother's Day and Easter Event

Friday, 9 March 2018

This week Lush invited my mother and I down to their Cardiff Spa Store to check out all the Mother's Day and Easter goodies. I've never taken my mother to a Lush event before so I was really excited for her to have a look around and get to experience some of them pampering they had on offer.

We had a good look around downstairs at the limited edition Mother's Day and Easter ranges. I loved the concept of all the new products, with lots of them being themed around mothers and women being super hero's and powerful people. Everything smelled amazing, as always, and I just wanted to try everything. 

The Easter ranges also had some really cute designs, I loved the little sheep! They have brought back some firm favourites too with the Bunch of Carrots. I really loved the Free Rangers Bath Bombs, all of the chicks were multi coloured but were all scented of blackcurrant which has a strong nod to my all time favourite Lush product, The Comforter.  They also made the most amazing colour in the water which I couldn't take my eyes off. 

To end our evening, we had a tour of the Lush Spa. It is the weirdest feeling going in the lift in a busy, hectic environment and getting back out in the most peaceful, tranquil, cottage like space. They have got the best sound proofing I have ever experienced. We were then treated to head, arm and hand massages, which my mother loved. It was so calming that we didn't want to leave, it felt like we were just in a friends kitchen having some lovely lime water and relaxing.

We had a lovely time and picked up some amazing products that we can't wait to use. Thank you to the guys at Lush Spa Cardiff for the awesome hospitality, as always!

Have you picked up any Lush Mother's Day or Easter products yet? What are your favourites?

Abi xo

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  1. The pictures you took are lovely! I love their Easter range this year, I want one of everything! I bought my mother some Lush products for mothers day as she's never had them so I'm dying to see what she thinks! x


    1. I hope she loved them! Their Easter range was great this year.

      Abi xo