#FirstToTheTree with John Lewis

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Halloween is a far distant memory and bonfire night is just a subtle smell on your favourite wooly hat, the time has come, it's finally here. We can talk about Christmas without the silent eye rolls of friends and family. It's ok to start playing the Christmas music and eat those mince pies, Santa is well on his way!!

What better way to kick of the festive season than with John Lewis' Christmas department?! When I got the email asking me to come down for a tour and make John Lewis #FirstToTheTree I could feel the festive cheer bubbling inside me! Their Christmas displays are always among my favourites and their decorations are to die for.

With their displays split into different themes I couldn't wait to get in amongst it and get my hands on some of the beautiful decorations. They had a mixture of very traditional themes and colours and then some 'out there' themes that were quirky and fun. 

Lima Llama was one of the quirkier themes taking inspiration from Peruvian traditions. With bright colours and random animals like seals, sausage dogs and as you may have guessed, llamas, I loved this section.  It was fun and brought a whole new aspect to Christmas. 

For a more traditional take on Christmas, Highland Myths was great. With neutral and gold colouring it takes inspiration from Scottish heritage. I loved the more contemporary elements that have been brought in along side the traditional, like the feathers on some of the baubles.

But my favourite theme was Into The Woods. Not only for its musical reference, who doesn't love a theatre throwback, but also for the amazing colours and fairytale elements. Every piece of decoration I picked up, I wanted. From the all green glitter baubles to the tea light terrarium, everything was perfect down to the tiniest of details. I was kindly gifted a bauble whilst I was there but you'll have to keep an eye out on my Instagram to see which one I chose to be #FirstToTheTree this year.

Abi xo

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  1. Lush pics. Nice to meet you, looking forward to seeing which one you chose after! :)

    1. Thank you! You too, hopefully my tree will be up soon so I can show it off!

      Abi xo