September House Update

Thursday, 21 September 2017

I feel like every time I write a house update post I get over excited and feel like I'm going to be in within a few weeks and then a few months later I find myself writing another post. So we are still yet to be moved in but we have progress!

The attic is painted and there are lights in the ceiling which is really exciting. All that is left for this room is doors on the storage down both sides, electric sockets to be finished and flooring so we are very close to done in there. 

We have doors! Every door has been fitted in the house, some are still waiting on handles but the doors are in. Bedrooms all have paint and are just waiting on radiators and flooring and they are good to go too so we are really close to done there too. 

And the biggest job that is left is finally underway. There is only one wall that is yet to be plastered in the whole house and it was waiting on the brick work to be finished in the fireplace before it could be finished. But the brickwork started this week so hopefully that will be the last of the really messy work done and we can get on to decorating and (slowly) start moving bits in. 

My new goal is Christmas this year but who knows, this time last year I thought I was going to be in last Christmas, before lots of stuff got in the way, so I'm not putting too much hope on it. 

Abi xo

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