Lush Secret Arts Jelly Bath Bomb

Thursday, 7 September 2017

When I saw this bath bomb on Instagram I nearly dropped my phone. Two of my favourite things in life, Lush and Harry Potter, coming together to create a bath bomb that made my inner 14 year old emo heart explode with joy! I knew I had to grab one the next time I was in store.

The Secret Arts Bath Bomb differs from normal bombs as it is a jelly bath bomb. I can sense your confusion just as much as mine when I first discovered this. Like most bombs, this blasts into a bubbly frenzy as soon as you pop it into the water, however it also leaves a layer of jelly which is extremely nourishing and moisturising on the skin, it's a weird one. 

I loved the fragrance, it was a little spicy with a hint of orange that got me so excited for Christmas. The colour was also amazing. It  was predominantly a deep black with so much (plastic free) glitter, but as the bomb opened up there was an amazing deep pink that made it look like a bubbly cauldron of magic. I was in my element! I can't wait to try more of the jelly bombs and maybe the masks too.

Have you tried the new jelly bombs and masks range from Lush yet? What are your favourites?

Abi xo

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