Kiehl's Cardiff Blogger Event

Saturday, 16 September 2017

This week I was invited down to Kiehl's in Cardiff, with a few other bloggers, to have a look at their products and give them a try. I have never used Kiehl's before so I was a little nervous about how I was going to fare with their products but came away with so much more knowledge of my skin and the perfect care plan.

The food and drink was provided by the awesome Pitch and I wish I hadn't eaten so much before I arrived because it was all so delicious! Everything was themed around Kiehl's top selling products so included a lot of lavender and citrus and just made sure everything fitted in with the nights event. 

We had a bit of time to look around and take in all of the products on offer. There were so many I felt a little overwhelmed but after Katie explained everything and what each section of the shop was all about it was much easier to get my head around it and start looking at the products that suited my skin best.

I was particularly intrigued by the Midnight Recovery range. Full of lavender essential oils these all smelt amazing and I knew would be so calming in the evenings. They felt so amazing on the skin and I can see how they would help recover during the night as they felt super moisturising without the oiliness. I am terrible for not having a proper skincare routine and just use whatever is nearest to hand when I'm on my way to bed but trying all of these products really made me want to start to take care of my skin more.

After a one on one skin consultation I was shown the best routine for my skin. This included quite a few products but all had an important purpose. I was fascinated by how knowledgable each member of staff was about skin and each product and learned more about my own skin in 15 mins than I have in a life time. 

There is definitely a lot more on my Christmas list now. Kiehl's products are a little on the more expensive side but I do feel like they are completely worth it. Every ingredient has a specific purpose and if it doesn't help in any way, it's not in there. 

Have you tried Kiehl's before? What are your favourites?

Abi xo

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  1. I live in Cardiff! :) I like the sound of the Midnight Recovery Concentrate too and also the Creamy Avocado Eye Treatment! I've only ever tried their #1 lip balm before but I have to say it was really good! Great post and lovely photos! xxx

  2. I love the midnight recovery oil - it's the one big ticket beauty item I keep repurchasing! I also love their coriander shower gel - buuuut it's a bit pricy ��