Glitter Lips - Review

Friday, 29 September 2017

I have been intrigued by Glitter Lips for a while. I can't walk past them in a shop without picking them up and admiring them, and then getting scared and putting them back. So when Beauty Boulevard contacted me and asked if I would like to try them out, I jumped at the chance.

The kit comes with a pot of glitter in your chosen colour, a tube of gloss/glue and an applicator. I was so nervous about trying it but the instructions seemed really straight forward so I just went for it. I was really happy with the end result, it wasn't as over the top as I first imagined and I really like the colour, this shade is Cherub. It took about 3 minutes to fully apply and dry and then the glitter did not budge. I tried drinking and eating a bit of food and it was still stuck solid to my lips. 

The texture took a little getting used to as it was quite dry and rough but it only took a few minutes and they felt great. I was really blown away with how well the glitter stuck on and had a job of getting it back off again which is what you want if you are wearing it on a night out. 

Overall I was really impressed. I'm so glad I got to try Glitter Lips out and I'm definitely going to pick up a few other shades.

Have you tried Glitter Lips?

Abi xo

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**I was not paid for this post but I did receive the product for free**