Escape Reality, Cardiff - Review

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Last week I got the chance to take a few of my family to Escape Reality in Cardiff. I have done escape rooms before and loved them but it was my husband, sister and brother-in-law's first time and they were all really nervous. 

We decided on The Heist for our room and we had so much fun. Just before you enter the room you are given a tablet that you can use for clues if you get stuck by scanning codes around the room and it also has your countdown on there too. If you do use any of the QR code clues you get 5 minutes deducted from your time. We tried our hardest to do it without the clues but did have to scan three, two of them however we already knew what to do we just weren't doing it right so if we weren't in such a fluster we probably would have done them right in the first place. 

We got out in 60 minutes and 22 seconds after our 15 minutes of added time was put on, so I don't think we did too badly in the end. I wasn't allowed to take photos whilst I was in there as it's quite likely I would give a clue away but one of the awesome guys working there, Simon, did take me back through to take photos of little bits afterwards.  

He also took me to the Enigmista room which was one of the most terrifying looking places ever. This one is a horror room and there is dead bodies and blood everywhere. I couldn't stay in there long it was putting me on edge but the attention to detail in every room I went in was amazing. 

We all had an awesome time and will definitely be returning, I won't be going anywhere near the horror rooms though! 

You can book your Escape Reality room HERE!

Abi xo

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