Refreshed World of Top Gear Launch

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Last Friday I was invited down to Beaulieu for a preview of the refreshed World of Top Gear experience. The summer relaunch has been brought in to reflect the changes introduced by the new-look BBC Top Gear, and The Stig and presenter, Chris Harris were on hand to show us around.

Chris gave us a little insight first at what it was like coming into an iconic show and working with the new presenting team. Telling us stories of what was going on behind the scenes and how things that go wrong on the show are not always scripted and intentional. It was great getting an open and honest insight into the show and you could instantly see how much being a part of Top Gear means to Chris. 

The World of Top Gear experience is really immersive, starting with a video showing you a brief history of the shows 40 year run, being played in a smaller version of the set with the current Reasonably Fast Car and the Celebrity Lap Times board for a photo opportunity. You are then guided through to more of the cars and creations featured on the show, including the Ssangyacht and Porche 944 Turbo Ambulance. With plenty of photo opportunities it’s a great way to relive some of the most exciting and funny parts of the shows history.

After having time to walk around and enjoy the exhibit we were then treated to a precision driving demonstration by Chris Harris himself. I was so excited watching him skid around the track area and then before I knew it, I was given a helmet and was able to sit in the car with him as he showed everyone his skills. He was such a down to earth guy and made sure he talked me through what he was doing as we were going along. He made everything look so effortless and easy and even though we were skidding towards walls and doing doughnuts, his calmness made it feel like we were on a drive to the supermarket.

I had an amazing day and would love to go and see Beaulieu again. The World of Top Gear experience is included in a general admission ticket to Beaulieu which also offers entrance to the National Motor Museum and On Screen Cars.

Abi xo

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