The Godney Gathering 2017

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

This weekend I headed to The Godney Gathering Festival. My husband's band Fingertrap were playing and The Darkness were headlining the festival. I was so excited about seeing The Darkness perform live after listening to their Permission To Land album on loop for a good year or more when it first came out. We've been to this festival before, a few years back, and it was an awesome day so we were all really looking forward to it.

Fingertrap were on at around 5:30 so it gave us plenty of time to have a look around and see some other acts. This year they had a few more tents including an acoustic tent and a cabaret and comedy tent. There were some awesome acts playing, and the sold out festival was buzzing with an amazing atmosphere.

When it came time for the boys to take the stage it didn't take long for the tent to start filling up. I am a little biased but these boys know how to grab a crowd. Their set went really well and after a quiet few months of writing and recording, festival season has definitely got them excited to get back to gigging.

After chilling out with some food and watching the awesome Shoot The Moon play we were gearing up for The Darkness' set. I had managed to get myself a press pass to be able to take photos for Fingertrap and a few other bands that were playing that day but I made sure I was front and centre ready for the headliners.

As soon as they came on stage the field erupted. Justin Hawkins didn't hold back and was everywhere, running back and forth getting the crowd even more excited. I was a little nervous of seeing them live, thinking their performance wouldn't live up to how much I love their music recorded, I had no reason to worry though, they smashed it! I had a massive grin on my face throughout the whole set and I am so glad I got the opportunity to not only see them live but to photograph them too!

I can't wait for The Godney Gathering 2018 already!

Abi xo

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