McDonalds Are Changing And I Got A Sneak Peek

Friday, 7 July 2017

Have you ever seen a happier person making a Big Mac?! I got an email from the guys at McDonalds a few weeks ago asking if I would be interested in coming down to one of their Cardiff stores and taking a look behind the scenes at how everything works and how much has changed over the last few years. Umm no brainer, I love McDonalds so I emailed straight back and then started counting down the days.

If, like me, you are an avid McDonlads visitor, you would have already seen the new tech that has been installed in most stores. But what you might not know about is some of the added features that they have. The tablets are great for keeping the kids occupied or having a quick nose at while you are waiting but they also boast a big range of other features like social media and full nutritional information about each item on the menu. 

Nutritional information is on each item of the new touch screen ordering systems too, making it much easier to know exactly what you are eating. Another great feature of the touch screens is that you can customise your order and add or take away specific ingredients easily. There is also a great accessibility option that makes the screen much smaller and lower for wheelchair users and also to allow your kids to help order their food.  With added bonus of table service after you have ordered, the experience McDonalds now provides has evolved massively!

A new feature that is just launching is pre ordering. Using the McDonalds App you can now order your food before you arrive and scan the QR code on your way in, so they know you are there and get your food much quicker. 

The part I was most looking forward to was going in the kitchen and seeing how fresh and fast the food really is. After putting on my very own uniform (I got way too excited and I have no shame) we were allowed full access to the kitchen. It was so busy but a lot calmer than I was expecting. There was a conveyor belt system so everyone had their jobs and it was running like clockwork. The meals came out super fast and fresh and nobody seemed to be stressed. They talked us through the process and how all the meat is constantly being cooked and changed, so nothing is older than 15 minutes, if it is sat there longer than that it is thrown which sounds like there would be a lot of wastage but because of how fast they are all working the system was great.

Then it was my turn to make a Big Mac. They talked us through it, step by step, and then we were let loose. With everything laid out in order and pre prepared it was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. I could probably still use a bit of practise though, the other workers were putting me to shame how quickly they were piecing them together. 

I really enjoyed my time getting to see the bits you wouldn't normally get to see and I was pleasantly surprised with how everything is evolving and changing for the better. If you would like any more info about what is going on in your local McDonalds you can find it HERE.

Abi xo 

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  1. I find it get fitting that I'm about to have a McDonald's right now! 😂 I loved reading this post, it's great to see how hygienic they are!

    1. Thats awesome, I hope that you enjoyed your meal 🙌🏻😂

      Abi xo