Cardiff FIM Speedway 2017

Friday, 28 July 2017

Last week I got the amazing opportunity to go to the FIM Speedway Grand Prix in Cardiff. A massive shout out to the Wales Blog Network for supplying the tickets and also for treating us to an awesome backstage experience.

The Friday afternoon before the race, we were invited down to have an exclusive behind the scenes tour of the pits and meet a few of the riders.  Walking through the pits you could feel the excitement and buzz as everyone got ready for practise. It was a really cool experience, we got to see the area where they broadcast live across the world and the tunnel where all the riders come from at the start of each heat.  

I think the most excitement though was around the riders and most importantly the UK rider Tai Woffinden. He was really busy with interviews and getting ready to go out to practise but he made sure he made time to come say hi and sign my nephews programme, which made his day. We got to watch the practise sessions from up in the stands and it definitely got us more excited for the real thing the next day.

The atmosphere walking around Cardiff was amazing, it was like a rugby match day, but with so many nationalities taking part in the GP there was a much more diverse crowd of people. I couldn't get over how far people had travelled to watch this leg of the tour. There was a fan zone set up with riders getting interviewed and other activities throughout the day building up to the evenings races and where ever you went, Cardiff was jam packed with people.

Inside the stadium the atmosphere was electric, everyone blowing horns and waving flags it really was an amazing feeling. I wasn't allowed to take my DSLR camera into the stadium so my iPhone had to suffice, so taking photos of the races was very difficult.

Tai got off to an amazing start but unfortunately just missed out on the semi final heats. The final was so intense with Maciej Janowski finally taking the top prize. My nephew absolutely loved the whole evening and just sat in awe of the riders throwing themselves into each corner.  

They ended the evening with an amazing firework display. I have never seen anything like it and being on the top tier of the stadium we had the best seats in the house to watch it all.

I already have my nephew nagging me to book tickets ready for next year, so I feel like this won't be the last time I get to experience this awesome event! For more information or to book tickets visit Speedway.

Abi xo

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