Walk All Over Cancer

Sunday, 4 June 2017

This month myself and 4 of my family members have decided to take part in Walk All Over Cancer in support of Cancer Research UK. We are doing 10,000 steps a day to raise money and I really didn't expect it to be as hard as it has been. 

I usually get around 3000 steps in a day, if I'm lucky, so I thought it may be a bit of a push. But as each night draws to a close I find myself doing laps of the house trying to get my last few 
hundred in. As I am writing this post it is the 4th day and my current tally is 39,974 but I have a few more hours to get a few more hundred in. 

We have been going on group walks to try and motivate each other, as most of us work at jobs that we don't move around too much for, so are gaining most our steps in the evenings. We've been trying to bank up extra steps on the more active days so that we don't have to stress too much if we don't quite reach then 10k mark and are just aiming for 300,000 over the whole of June. 

You can sponsor us HERE and help us towards raising as much money as possible over the month, we are very grateful for every penny!

Abi xo 

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