My 1969 VW Restoration Project

Monday, 26 June 2017

So this weekend I finally got started on my VW Camper restoration project. I had this camper for my 17th birthday and it is the best birthday present I've ever had or ever will have (probably). After I passed my driving test I had so much fun driving around in Aggie, thats the campers name. My dad and uncle helped me (when I say helped, I mean, did, because I have no mechanical experience) with a full engine rebuild. But a few months later the only part we didn't change, broke, story of my life. So I made the difficult decision to take her off the road for a few months, until I finished uni and could afford the part. Cut to now, I think its 6 years later and the bus hasn't moved let alone had any work done and she looks very worse for wear!

When I took the cover off on Saturday, this is what I was greeted with. My heart sank seeing how bad the body work had got and I just really wish I hadn't let it go for so long. The reason why the months turned into years was purely time and money. Being in uni and then getting married and starting my own business were all things that took up a lot of time and money, couple that with not having a lot of experience with any sort of mechanics or body work I am also relying heavily on friends and family to help when they can. 

When I was using the camper as a daily runner back and forth to university I was part of the Type 2 Owners Club, which sounds a little sad but it was a great place for meeting like minded people or getting help with any issues you were having. I completely forgot all about it until I seen the sticker on the window and I would love to get back involved with the scene and head to some VW shows this summer. 

I was happy with how dry and clean the inside and engine bay both were. I was really nervous that the seals would have given way over time. I have a bunch of dehumidifier boxes everywhere just incase and a box of all new window seals ready for fitting when we get a little further with it but for now we are doing ok. There were a few bits of mould on certain parts so I started cleaning them up to try and keep the mould and moisture at bay (no pun intended).

We made a good start of giving the outside a good scrub so we could see how much work we really had. It looked bad before the clean up but we soon realised a lot of the rust was surface marks and dirt instead of actual rust holes and big jobs. Don't get me wrong, there were lots of really bad rust too, but not as much as I was expecting. 

So these are the worst bits, as you can see, this isn't going to be a nice quick restoration project. There are loads of big jobs and even more smaller jobs. I have big plans for what I want to achieve with the camper but I also know that these things take a lot of time and money so I am going to be doing a little bit at a time and hoping to get her back on the road at some point over the next year. 

This is where we are at now. It's a massive improvement on the before image at the top but it is also a million miles away from where I want it to be. So for now she's back under a cover whilst I save money and source parts. Sitting back behind the wheel after so long on Saturday made me get the camper bug again. I haven't stopped watching Youtube seeing what others are doing to their classic VW's. 

I uploaded my own vlog to my channel yesterday, so don't forget to check that out too!

Abi xo

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  1. Oh wow this is such a dream! I always wanted an old VW bus and I#d love to work on one with my dad.

    Norina |

    1. I don't think any birthday present I ever have again will beat it, its my dream car!

      Abi xo

  2. You are one lucky lady! I have a VW transporter conversion but would love an old classic! Looking forward to seeing more pictures as you complete the restoration!

    Keli @