Escape Rooms Cardiff

Friday, 9 June 2017

This week I got the chance to head down to Escape Rooms Cardiff and try out one of their rooms with some other Welsh Bloggers. I had been dying to try these out for a while but haven't found a time that my friends and I could all make, so this was perfect. 

We weren't allowed to photograph or film anything inside the actual escape rooms themselves as it spoils it for people attending after us but I can tell you a little bit about them. Myself, Katie (Katie Does Beauty) and Charlotte (Lottie Lately) teamed up to tackle Finding Sherlock with the other girls taking on The Tomb. I love Sherlock so I instantly nabbed that room, especially as The Tomb involved darkness and I can't cope with being locked in the dark! 

We were taken to the room, 60 minutes were put on the clock and we were locked in. We instantly ran around the room trying to take in as much information as possible finding locks on nearly everything that had any sort of clue. I thought for definite we were never going to work it all out but we managed to escape with 2 minutes 58 seconds to spare which I was very happy with, considering we we're down 3 team members. 

We were all given the chance to take part in the bonus round which involved catching as much foil as possible. Sounds easy until the fans in the floor start going. I laughed until my face ached and all of us had an awesome time! I can't wait to go back again and try another room! Also big thank you to Felix and Noah for all their help during the evening!

Have you tried Escape Rooms Cardiff? How did you do?

Abi xo

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