May House Update

Saturday, 27 May 2017

We are nearly at the end of May and lots is happening in the new house at the moment. Over the last few weeks we've managed to get quite a lot done even though before I started looking back it felt like we hadn't got anywhere.

First of all my awesome door has finally been fitted. I was so excited when I ordered this and it felt like forever waiting for it to get delivered and fitted. It does show up how badly we need to sort the paint outside now mind but for now I am super happy with it and it definitely feels more like my home now that it is here. 

We've got some paint on the walls upstairs, which has made a massive difference. The bedrooms are starting to look more like part of a house now than a building site. They are all just magnolia for now while we are getting the rest of the house done and then we will decide on new colours and paint each one room by room once we are in.

This weekend it has been a case of emptying the garden so we can get scaffolding up to render the back walls and getting rid of all the unnecessary bits inside so that we have room to do the last pieces of building work. It took us around 8 hours over 2 days to get the skip filled but the majority of it is done now. Hoping to get the rest of the painting done over the next few days and fingers crossed we will be in at some point this year!! 

Have you got any house projects you want to get done over bank holiday?

Abi xo

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