Spill The Beans - Craft Beer Review

Friday, 14 April 2017

As it is #UKCoffeeWeek this week I thought there was no time like the present to crack open a bottle of Brains Brewery's Guest Brewer coffee porter and give you my verdict. As you all know I am a massive coffee lover, so putting coffee in anything will instantly make me want to buy it.

Spill The Beans is guest brewed for Brains by The Great British Brewing Company and I found this little gem in Aldi, of all places, for a whopping great 99p. Literally not a joke, Brains coffee porter, in Aldi for 99p, absolute bargain!

Now I will say that I didn't get a massive coffee taste from this, I opened it thinking I was going to get whacked with a great aroma of my favourite caffeine coma inducing drink but it was more of a slight bitterness of coffee. First sip, you get a flood of malty goodness with an after thought of sweetness from the caramel hints. I enjoyed it, it wasn't what I was expecting at all. With some random flavoured beers they are ok for a sip or two and then that's it, but I think I could drink a few of these and not get sick of it. It's super smooth and the sweetness really takes the edge off the initial bitterness. I was a bit gutted that the coffee element wasn't a little more intense but it probably would have made it that bit less drinkable if you wanted more than one. I really did love it, I can't believe it's only 99p!!

I'm going straight back to Aldi to make the most of this awesome find. Have you tried Spill The Beans? What is your favourite craft beer at the moment, I need some recommendations for my next beer post? 

Abi xo

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