Lush Spa Cardiff - Press Launch

Friday, 31 March 2017

Last night was the official press launch for Cardiff's new Lush Spa. We have been waiting on tenterhooks for the opening date to be released and when I got the email saying it was ready I did a little dance by myself. I knew it was going to be awesome by how much time and effort they had put into the build, but I don't think I was really prepared for how much time had gone into every little detail. **Spolier Alert** It's AMAZING!!

When we arrived we were greeted with candy floss cocktails, which are part of one of the treatments you can have, and lanyards with our names and blog links on (we all got way too excited over that last part). The new store is beautiful and has loads of space, so you are not knocking mountains of bath bombs everywhere. 

They have lovely big sinks dotted around the store to give demonstrations and help you try the products out. They also have a new skin care bar that comes into some of your treatments, you can sit and have a consultation with lots of products in the middle for you to have a smell and try. They then bring you a personalised slate with all the products they think will be perfect for you, for you to trail. This store is definitely working on making your shopping and spa experience as personalised and unique to you as possible. You leave feeling spoiled and relaxed, which is lovely!

This store also has a few Cardiff Spa exclusives and some products that have only been available to buy through Lush Kitchen. My favourite of these is Metamorphosis, which is a previous Kitchen exclusive. It is a bomb created to show how even some of the ugliest or harshest things in the world could still have beauty inside. So when you put this grey spikey bomb into the water after a few minutes these beautiful bright colours appear.

I love the new makeup range, they have taken massive trends like highlighters and bronzers and created some really awesome and unique products. These are something that you really need to go in and try if you haven't already because some of them just blew my mind. From the most gorgeous eye shadows to amazing lips tints and lipsticks. Everyone was crowded around the makeup bar trying to get their hands on some.

We had a tour of the spa facilities and got to sit in on a few treatments. The treatments Lush Spa's offer are like none other. They have taken so much time to think of every single detail, from the unique soundtrack for each different treatment to the comfiest pjs to relax in. Every inch of the spa oozes calm and I could have spent hours in there.  There are beautiful shower rooms for you to use before or after your treatments if you wish, with some treatment rooms having a beautiful luxurious bath so you can have a bath bomb as part of your experience. There is nothing they haven't thought of and everything has been decorated using reclaimed wood and trinkets found in flea markets and charity shops so no Lush Spa looks identical. 

I had an amazing time, with a little bit of a hiccup in the middle with an open flame, I can't wait to get my spa treatment booked. I'm definitely going for The Comforter, the soundtrack is amazing and the treatment sounds so good! Big THANK YOU to Emily for showing me and Katie around for the evening we had such a laugh and your knowledge on each product really helped us choose the perfect little haul! 

Have you tried a Lush Spa yet? Lush Spa Cardiff opens 31st March at 10am don't forget to head down and check it out for yourself!!

Abi xo

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  1. i'm in love with your photos! the event sounds amazinggggg!!! xXx