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Thursday, 2 March 2017

I always find as soon as I am on a good roll with the blog and finally starting to get somewhere, life gets in the way and I struggle to keep up. February was one of those times. I was getting into the flow of posting 3 times a week and keeping up with social media and then, bang, it all falls apart again.

There was nothing major this time, just an amalgamation of lots of little things that amounted to me having little to no time to spend online. It started when my husband got his new job, longer hours meant he was out of the house more so I had to pick up the extra pug walks and chores. With his old job we were in a pretty good routine with everything so trying to adjust to spending a lot less time together has been hard but I'm sure we will get the hang of it soon.

The new house is coming along, finally. We started gutting it in January last year and I had my head in the clouds again thinking it would be nice and easy and we would be in by the latest May 2016. Well now it's March 2017 and we are still not in but we are so close. Everything that could have gone wrong has managed to, so I'm hoping by the time we actually do move in there will be nothing left to go wrong (wishful thinking). My dad has done all of the work, mostly on his own, so I know it will be done perfectly it just took a lot longer than paying someone else to do it. So keep your eyes peeled for lots of moving and haul posts coming (hopefully) soon. 

My physiotherapy for Hyper Mobility Syndrome and my shoulder injury has now moved up to a few times a week, gym classes and swimming as well as a few shoulder specialist appointments every few weeks at the hospital. Overall I feel like I am getting stronger but its a very slow process and I am still having days where my shoulder is moving in directions it shouldn't be. I'm still hoping someone will find a solution to fix it but none of the doctors I have seen seem to think there is. 

I'm trying to vlog again! I stopped vlogging last year when my shoulder slipped out (again) but my nephew has been nagging me to put him in one of my vlogs on youtube so last week when we took him to London and the Harry Potter Studios I did a little bit of filming so that should be up over the next few days. It was awesome having Harley with us and taking him on his first London trip. He was so excited by everything and it was lovely showing him all the touristy stuff. 

And finally I did have a bit of a social media break of sorts because of all of the above and because I was genuinely exhausted. I don't see the point in posting half-arsed content, whether it be on here or on social media so felt that a break was needed to get my life (somewhat) on track and then come back with a fresh head in March. So here I am looking forward to spring content and lots of awesome things happening in the next few months. I am back on all social media so don't forget to follow @WDaydreaming on Instagram and Twitter and Wanderlust Daydreaming on Facebook and Bloglovin! 

Abi xo

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