House Update

Thursday, 16 March 2017

I can't believe its finally here! My kitchen has arrived. I have been planning on doing a little house update post for a while but because it was only the fiddly finishing off of jobs being done nothing looked any different. Anyone who knows me, knows how impatient I am so the fact that I have been watching this house being put together for over a year is killing me slowly. 

But not only did my kitchen turn up this week but my stairs also got delivered and my floor tiles have been put down. I went from nothing to everything in 3 days and I can't cope with all of the excitement. However it has left the living room looking like this which is not ideal, lucky we aren't actually living there right now. 

This is before the grout went down but you get the general idea of what the floor will look like. My father has done an amazing job so far and it will be perfect when it is all done. I'm so lucky that I have been able to pick exactly what I want for every bit of the house so nothing will need doing for a long time (fingers crossed). Lets hope the rest of the work goes without a hitch and the next post you will be seeing will be a home tour!!

Abi xo 

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  1. I'm exactly in the same place and same stage but living here since october started first week in december and we've been living in one small bedroom with the cat. part of kitchen turned up lat week.

    1. Ahh that must be a nightmare, it will all be worth it when its done though! Good luck with it all.

      Abi xo