Vocation Brewery IPA Tasting

Sunday, 29 January 2017

One of my blogging 'goals' for this year was to branch out a bit from the usual on the blog. I was a bit bored of being constrained to certain subjects and topics because I felt it fitted with the 'blog brand'. So I made a conscious effort to start paying more attention to the sort of content that I was drawn towards and also just what I was enjoying in day to day life. One of those things was craft beer, my brother in law Frankie is obsessed with trying out craft beers and ales whenever we find new ones and I really started to enjoy tasting them too. So just before Christmas I got chatting to him about starting a a beer blog of his own (still working on it) but thought I would ease him in by getting to help me out on this post.

We thought we would start with the coolest looking cans, never judge a beer by its tin, but in this case do! Vocation Brewery were the perfect choice to get us started on the craft brewery journey. The design on the can is so eye catching and bold and I kind of didn't want to open them just because it would spoil that. That being said, we did and they were both tropical amazingness.

Life & Death - 6.5%

As I said both beers had tropical undertones, this one a little less as the maltiness was the key flavour. When it first hits your tongue it feels like you've drank a Malteser, but after that subsides the tropical undertones ensue with a nice bitter finish. 

Heart & Soul - 4.4%

This one was a bit easier to just keep drinking, being a Session IPA it is a bit weaker than the previous and less of a heavy taste. The tropical flavours come out as soon as you open the can and first taste brings passion fruit and pineapple. I could have drank these all night and was really bummed we didn't get more.

All in all we enjoyed them both, I don't think I could I could drink more than one Life & Death as it was heavy for my taste but still really enjoyable if you are only having the one. Heart & Soul was my favourite and I think it might be up there with one of my favourites.

What is you drink of choice? Do you like trying new, craft and indie drinks?

Abi xo

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