The 1975 - Cardiff

Friday, 23 December 2016

I missed yesterday's post, but I kind of had an OK excuse. I hadn't finished it when Nick came in from work and surprised me with The 1975 tickets. I was gutted after I was let down with someone telling me they had tickets for me and then after it sold out they didn't, so I was super excited. I was in my comfies writing my post while chilling with Pugsey on the sofa, it was one mad rush to get ready and get to Cardiff. So there will be two posts today! 

I hate taking photos on my phone in such low light conditions but I wasn't allowed to take in my camera so it had to do. I absolutely love The 1975's new album and couldn't wait to hear it and see it live. The staging whilst quite simple was really effective. It was made up of led screens that created amazing visual effects. The sound was spot on and sounded as good as the album, I love Matty's voice and even though he was necking back the wine it was spot on. 

He didn't speak to the audience a massive amount but what he did say was very poignant, touching on how ridiculous of a year it has been and how the young people who are starting to take note of oppression and the way the world is working right now shouldn't loose faith. Voices will be heard if we stand together and just look out for each other. 

Their big hits filled the room with so much energy it was hard not to get lost in the moment. With their slower more instrumental based tracks creating a overwhelming beauty when coupled with the amazing led screens and lighting. 

I am so glad I finally got to see them live. They are definitely a band that will be around for a life time. Constantly changing and evolving their sound, it was the perfect way to end the year.

Abi xo

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