RCT Theatre's Dick Whittington

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

This years Pantomime in RCT is Dick Whittington and it is not one to be missed! I had the awesome opportunity of going to take some photos for the production and took my younger cousins along with me as I knew they would love every second.

The wonderful Di Botcher (Stella, Downton Abbey, Twin Town to name but a few) is playing Fairy Aunty Bowbells and brings the welsh comedy genius out in every line. The fantastic script was written by director Rich Tunley especially for this cast and it doesn't miss a beat with its classic cheesy panto jokes and the whitty one liners, your belly will ache with laughter. Especially when Sarah the Cook, played by Frank Vickery a Welsh theatre legend, commands the stage and toes the line of 'family theatre'. 

King Rat is played by Lee Gilbert and he is pure evil, followed everywhere by his henchrats, Scratch and Sniff, he plans to take over London and the world by getting rid of Dick Whittington any opportunity he gets. You will love to hate him! 

Maxwell Hoare is back, the RCT Theatres leading man plays Dick and is a true asset to every performance I have seen him in. Maxwell has played the male lead in RCT for the last few years and its easy to see why he gets asked back every year! His on stage partner this year, Tommy the Cat played by Ryan Owen is so good. As soon as he opened his mouth my cousins were glued to the stage. He reacts to every second of action on stage and is animated throughout, you cannot take your eyes off him. A true local talent that I am sure is going to go on to amazing things! 

I could talk about how amazing the cast are forever but it will never do them enough justice, if you are in South Wales over the next few weeks you should definitely grab tickets HERE before they are all gone. Take the kids, your mam and even your nan, everyone will have a ball and it will get you right into the Christmas spirit! A truly wonderful production by every part of the crew!

Abi xo

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