Honey Bee Beautiful Launch Event

Sunday, 18 December 2016

This week I was invited to the Miskin Manor for the relaunch of Honey Bee Beautiful, a 100% natural skincare brand. Even though I live quite close to the venue I had never been. It was absolutely beautiful and when we arrived it was all lit up ready for Christmas, so it looked magical.

You could smell the products from down the corridor before you entered the room. It was such a inviting and calming scent I couldn't wait to get in and take a look. The products featured in this post are not available for purchase just yet, but will be ready on January 1st along with the brand new website from Honey Bee Beautiful

It was really interesting hearing all about how many things wax and honey can be used for and how the products bee's produce are all so beneficial to the body and many other things. It was inspiring to see how passionate the creators and team behind the products were. They were happy to answer any questions people had and were keen to create lasting relationships.

All products are made free from any chemicals and are 100% natural. You can really tell home much care and time has gone into each individual product to make it the best it possibly could be. One of my favourites from the evening was Morning Bee Face Scrub that is made with coffee, so obviously smelt amazing!! 

There was also some awesome cocktails and canap├ęs all using recipes including the honey from Honey Bee Beautiful's bees. I had a Honey Nectar cocktail and it went down far too easily, it was beautiful. 

The Busy Bee range is made for people needing a bit of calming and soothing. I am definitely one of those people and feel like I am always a million miles per hour so when I was handed a goody bag of samples from the range to try I was super excited. I will be sure to give an update when I have used the products for a little while and link you back to the new website as soon as it is live.

Abi xo

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