Festive Baking

Thursday, 15 December 2016

I really miss baking when I get busy in work, it's something that relaxes me and obviously you get lots of yummy stuff to eat at the end, so when I called round to my sister's house this week we took the opportunity to break her new oven in and do some festive baking.

The first thing we made were milk and white chocolate cookies. Obviously they had to Christmas tree shaped! These were just packet mix cookies because I had them there, incase of a cookie emergency, and to work out how her oven cooks. That sounds really stupid but every oven I cook in is different, hers cooked faster at the front than the back so I had to make sure to rotate everything to get an even bake. 

Then it was time for the real experiment to start. We didn't have a recipe to follow, we had a bag of random ingredients and just made two recipes up as we went along. We went off the basis of your standard sponge mix that my good old cookery teacher in school taught me, which was 50g of everything for each egg you use. Then I added chocolate and orange to one batch and made a milk chocolate ganache for the topping and then white chocolate and cranberry for the second batch with white chocolate ganache for topping.

Kristie, helped by licking bowls and decorating (if you can call it that lol) but we ended up spending hours in the kitchen without realising. I was really happy with how they turned out in the end as it was all a bit of guess work. It was nice to have a brand new kitchen to play in too, I can't wait to get in my new house and get baking more.

Have you baked anything festive yet? What is your favourite festive bake?

Abi xo

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