Christmas Holiday Plans

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

I can't believe that Christmas is only a few days away. I have managed to be able to get a whole week off this year. It is the longest I have had off since I opened my studio 2 and a bit years ago so I am super excited to have some time to spend with my family and relax.

I have a few things in mind of what I want to get done while I have time off, hopefully I won't be too lazy and actually use my time wisely.

The main thing I would like to do is get self hosted or at least update the design of the blog. I think it is dire need of a fresh look and I would love to make the leap into self hosting to make sure I can customise it as fully as possible. 

Along with that would be to try and up my knowledge on coding, I learnt quite a lot on coding when I was in school and if I had stuck at it I am sure I would have been able to do anything I wanted with the blog right now. When I went off to uni I didn't need to know any coding for my degree and because I wasn't using it on a regular basis I forgot everything I learnt so I suck at it now. 

It doesn't look likely, but I am hoping for a night or two of clear skies so I can go and practise star photography. I had a go a few months back and then got really busy so haven't had a chance to get out since. I absolutely love watching stars and looking at astro photography so if there is any clear skies I am going to fill up a flask of coffee wrap up warm and get out there. 

I use photoshop all day everyday in work but to edit baby and family photos or the odd fashion image. There are loads of things that I would love to sit down and learn how to do on photoshop that I just haven't had time to do the last few months, so I am going to try leaning some new skills on photoshop.

And last but not least. I have been saying for about 3 years that I will sit down and watch all of the Star Wars films from the beginning as I have only ever seen The Phantom Menace, which apparently does not paint a good picture for the other films. So I will make it my mission to have a Star Wars marathon and watch them all.

What is on your list of things to do with your Christmas holidays?  

Abi xo

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