Cardiff Christmas Market

Friday, 2 December 2016

The Cardiff Christmas market grows and grows every year. What started off as a few little stalls just outside the Queens arcade has turned into a full market spanning the length of the Hayes. Even though Cardiff is only down the road from me and I go all the time it is still one of my absolute favourite places to shop, especially at Christmas.

There seems to be a really good mix of stalls this year from quirky gifts to amazing food and drink. You really will be able to find something for everyone. I love how many artists and creative people have got stalls this year too, some selling prints and paintings others selling handmade gifts. In previous years it has been mainly food that has taken up most of the stalls, its great to see small, local businesses from the creative industries beginning to grow again. 

There is also a few locally made alcohol stalls including a craft beer stall with festive themed gift sets. A few bakers and cake stalls, which can never be a bad thing. Couple that with the hot pork and stuffing rolls with lots of gravy and Baileys hot chocolates and you can't get a better festive day out! 

Have you visited Cardiff Christmas Market? Where is your favourite festive day out?

Abi xo

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  1. I've never been to Cardiff but it looks gorgeous. I literally just posted about Manchester Christmas Markets today.

    Lovely pictures!

    EL xx

  2. So pretty! It's only in the past couple of year we've had one in my town too (Aberdeen), it really does make the place feel much more festive! :-) x

  3. It sets up right outside my work so I get to see it every year, it's a lovely way to waste a few hours looking at all the delights on offer

    Mel ★