Sheet Mask Comparison

Friday, 25 November 2016

I have been loving sheet masks recently so I thought I would get some budget masks and do a little comparison to see which ones are worth the money. I have already reviewed the Garnier Moisture Bomb Mask and I picked up a Boots and a Primark mask to see how they compare. 

The first thing I noticed when I took this one out of the package was the smell, it was a lovely refreshing scent. Much like the Garnier mask this was very wet, it didn't drip which is great but I was on edge trying to get it on my face thinking it would. The fit was a little off with this one. The eye holes were quite small so unless it fitted your face perfectly it was a little tight around the eyes. Once on my skin it stayed quite cool and was really refreshing for the whole 15 minutes. It was quite tingly in sensitive areas, like around my mouth, but wasn't unbearable. Once I took the mask off and massaged the excess in, my skin felt silky smooth and rehydrated. It's a great product and I'm looking forward to trying more in the range. 

Primark - £0.80

When I seen this in Primark, I had to pick it up for 80p. Primark have been quite good lately at getting on top of the trends and getting new products out really quick. This mask differed from the others I have tried because it was a face and neck mask which was great and it had a really good fit.  t wasn't too wet either so I wasn't as worried getting it on my face. However I do have quite sensitive skin and cheaper products can sometime irritate it. This was one of them. I was really impressed by it until about 5 minutes in, it started getting quite warm on my skin. It quite quickly became apparent I was having a reaction and I had to quickly whip it off as my skin was very hot and agitated. I am sure with the right complexion this product would be great, but avoid if you have sensitive skin.

Have you tried any tissue masks yet? What are your favourites?

Abi xo

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  1. I've looked at the Primark ones before and always thought I could get something for the same price and better experience from places like Boots

    Mel ★

    1. Yeah definitely, the Garnier one is only 99p and Boots have quite a big range and are £2 so for the sake of an extra quid I would probably leave the Primark ones.

      Abi xo