Registering To Become A Stem Cell Donor

Saturday, 5 November 2016

A few weeks ago I registered to become a stem cell donor on the Anthony Nolan register after seeing a campaign for a little girl with blood cancer who lost her donor at the last minute. There are so many people effected by cancer across the world, daily, and if each of us took the 2 minutes to fill out the simple application and then to spit in a cup and send it back I'm sure there would be a lot less people losing their battle with the disease. 

I am in no way sponsored by Anthony Nolan (not that that would make a huge difference) I just feel that it is a cause that so many people, like myself a few weeks back, don't know enough about or how it easy it is to register. 

So for any more information or to become a donor yourself please visit Anthony Nolan today! You could save a life!

Abi xo

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