Fake Bake Beauty - Scream & Pout Nail Varnish

Sunday, 20 November 2016

I had no idea Fake Bake also did other products apart from fake tan until these nail varnishes landed on my door step at the beginning of the week. I love getting surprise samples and couldn't wait to try them out.

These are gel effect varnishes and after one coat you really didn't need any more. They all had a high shine effect and true to the label, gave the gel nail effect. These colours are (from left to right) Primadonna, Understudy and Leading Lady and were all highly pigmented even with no base coat.

I am still wearing the nail varnish now so that I could see how long it lasted. I am terrible for having chipped and worn out nail varnish. My hands are always in and out of bags and potching with fiddly bits of equipment for my job so it never lasts as well as it should. But I'm really impressed with these, they are still going strong after 5 days. After painting my nails I could tell it was a strong nail varnish but, after most only lasting 2-3 days, I thought this wouldn't be far behind and I am delighted to say I was wrong.

I am very happy with these and you can check out more of Fake Bake Beauty's range HERE

Abi xo

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  1. Seems like I have to check out those nail polishes. I'm also one of those people whose nail polish get chipped pretty easily and I'm always looking for new and better products.

    Norina xx


    1. Yes definitely do, they are great. Lasted me longer than most brands I have tried.

      Abi xo