Bastille, Cardiff Motorpoint Arena

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Last night I was lucky enough to be given a few tickets for me and some friends to go and see Bastille in Cardiff. I'm not a die hard Bastille fan but like a few of their tracks so was excited to go and see what their live set was like. 

The first thing about the gig was the front man, Dan, did not stop. One minute he was walking around and dancing in the crowd with everyone, the next he was on a smaller stage at the back of the venue and then started the encore from a small balcony over looking the crowd up in the rafters. He definitely knew how to engage with the crowd. 

I really didn't know how big these guys were until I arrived to a sold out venue and spoke to staff that said fans had been queuing all day to make sure they got to the front. I haven't seen the Motorpoint Arena that full in a very long time. I was surprised how many of their songs I actually knew and can safely say I have underestimated these guys quite a bit. 

I really enjoyed the show and will be keeping a closer eye on what they are up to in the future. 

Abi xo

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