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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

TWD S07 Negan Glenn

So Monday night saw the return of The Walking Dead. Left on a major cliff hanger from last season the main thing on everyones mind was who was just about to get killed by Negan. It didn't take long for the reveal but unfortunately for us, this wasn't the major talking point of the episode. There will be spoilers from here, so if you haven't seen the episode now would be a good place to go watch it!

After leaving Fear The Walking Dead half way through the new season for lack of any shred of interest what so ever, I have no idea how they could have gone so horribly wrong with this show, I have been so excited and nervous for the new season of TWD. After the leak of info that there were to be two major characters killed off in the season opener my best case scenario was Abraham and Eugene. I haven't really taken to those characters as much as others and I really didn't want to see a season 1 original killed off in such a horrific way. 

With Abraham being killed off quite early on in the episode I was lulled into a false case of security. And then, there it was, Glenn was gone. It was traumatic, horrifying and just completely soul destroying. His last words of "I'll find you" to Maggie were heart breaking but ensured he went letting her know he was always putting her first until the very end. 

I have no idea how Maggie will come back from this, she has lost everyone she has ever loved, not to the walkers, but to the living monsters that walk among them. The last scene where they are all sitting around a table eating as a happy family will always be a fantasy and it was just one more heart wrenching moment in an episode that we have all waited so long to see but wish we could un-see. The group is broken and damaged and have no plan to get Daryl back or how to seek revenge. No matter how disturbing the episode was, it will surely make for a very dramatic season. 

What did you think of this seasons premiere episode?

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