The Good Earth - Review

Sunday, 9 October 2016

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An explosive new play inspired by true events.

Facing pressure from the local council to move down the road when a new development is proposed, a small group of passionate villagers decide to fight back. A vibrant story with rousing Welsh folk song – The Good Earth brings to life a valley torn apart by their council, big business and eventually themselves.

I went to see The Good Earth Friday night at the Parc and Dare Theatre, Treorchy. The company behind the play, Motherlode, are just back in the UK after a run in New York and have brought back some outstanding reviews from some legendary publications. 

Motherlode Theatre Wales

The plot centres around a group of people who live on the same street, in a small village in the South Wales Valleys, fighting the councils plans to uproot them from their community and relocate them to a new build estate. Coming from the valleys myself I was able to relate to the sense of community these people were fighting to keep. They captured the essence and feel of a true valleys family to perfection and the whole cast put on a stunning performance. No Welsh drama would be complete without its share of comedy and with every heart wrenching moment comes a dash of valley's humour, the cast had the audience in the palm of their hand for its entirety. 

With equal parts humour and sadness, this play is a must see! A beautiful piece of theatre from start to finish.

You can find up and coming dates for performances HERE

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