Jeffree Star Liquid Lipsticks

Friday, 30 September 2016

There has been so much hype over Jeffree Star's line, I've wanted to give it a try for quite some time. The products are not the easiest things to get your hands on in the UK but there was a sale on his website a few weeks ago which brought these lipsticks down cheaper to import than usual.

Before we go on to the product it self, I just wanted to mention the packaging. I loved that even the paper the boxes were wrapped in was branded and it really made a difference to the overall quality of the products. 

I picked 5 bold, bright shades because, as I have mentioned in a few posts, I am loving the bold liquid lip trend at the moment. My favourite is probably Watermelon Soda, even though it is very bright, it is a very wearable everyday shade. 

All the shades were very pigmented and one coat was more than enough to get a bright and full coverage look. They have excellent staying power and took some proper scrubbing to get back off. I was really happy with them overall and can't wait to order more very soon! 

Abi xo

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  1. I wish i could use these products and support the brand but i just cant because of the way Jeffree Star is i mean i dont want to support the brand of such a horrible person you know

    1. I know what you are saying. I didn't really know what was going on with the whole Kat/Jeffree situation before I bought these but it is disappointing when you hear the stories that are coming out, especially from a brand as big as his. Thanks for reading

      Abi xo