Time To Relax

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Last week I spent more time without internet or phone reception than I did with. Oddly, I really enjoyed it. Most of the time if I can't get signal in the first 3 seconds of me picking my phone up I start to get anxious, like most of my generation, it has nearly always been around so when I don't have internet it freaks me out. 

But this week I have spent just relaxing and taking in the atmosphere. Being able to sit and relax and take some landscape photographs was a completely new thing for me. I hardly ever do landscapes but I have all of a sudden developed a massive love for them. The quiet that comes with sitting and waiting, helped me relax and forget about everything else that was going on. Focusing on what I was really looking at and working out the best time to capture, I loved it. 

I was hoping to get some images of the meteor shower that was happening this weekend but it was to cloudy. I am planning on going out and getting more practise in landscapes over the next few weeks though.  

What do you love to take photos of?

Abi xo