Jojoba Makeup Remover

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

This week I got sent some lovely blogger mail in the form of vegan makeup remover. I am not a vegan but I do prefer cruelty free products if the option is there. Jojoba is an Australian company that I hadn't heard of before so I was intrigued to use their product to see the quality. 

The first thing I noticed was the awesome packaging. It is really eye catching and quirky, which I love.

The product itself is really good. It's consistency took a little getting used to but, as the packaging states, it dissolves hard to move make up. I tried it on NYX Liquid Suede which I have found almost impossible to move with makeup wipes and also foundation, mascara and liquid eyeliner. All were completely gone, it did take a few cotton pads but that was possibly because I used the thickest and darkest products I had, but all the products came off with ease. 

The scent is beautiful as it is made mostly of natural fruit oils and leaves the skin feeling very moisturised. It would work wonders on dry skin but did leave my oilier areas feeling a little greasy (I do have very naturally greasy skin anyway). 

Overall a great product, removes even the toughest makeup products and hydrates at the same time. I know I will definitely be trying more of The Jojoba Company's products very soon. You can find this makeup remover and all of their other products HERE

Abi xo

This post was not paid for but the product was a PR sample.

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