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Friday, 12 August 2016

This week I received a lovely parcel from the guys China Glaze with four of their EverGlaze Extended wear nail polishes. I have never used China Glaze before but always notice the wide range in colours, so was excited to give them a try. EverGlaze boasts a gel-like result without the hassle with the staying power of up to 10 days! 

I didn't have a China Glaze bottom coat for these colours, and even though it doesn't mention that you need one I always like to make sure my nails have a good base colour to work off, so I used the White Noise as a base for all colours. 

They were so easy to apply, the brush is a good size and you get nice even coverage really quickly. The colours were nice and bright on the first application but I decided to go for another coat to make sure the staying power was there as I didn't have the top coat to get the full effect, but I love the darker colours too and they will be perfect for autumn in a few weeks.

I have been wearing this on my nails (yes four random colours, I didn't think it through) for 2 days, I've been to work and shopping and I must say, they really are like gel nails. The colour hasn't chipped at all and they still look exactly the same as when I finished them. I am so impressed, I didn't really think they would come close to a gel like finish, but I have no idea why people are wasting their time having gel nails and waiting for them to cure under lamps when you can have the same effect in your home in a few minutes!

The other colours in the image are French Press, Navy Night and I'm Not Bordeaux and you can find them all HERE!

Have you used China Glaze EverGlaze before?

Abi xo

This post was not paid for but the product was a PR sample.

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