Why I Chose To Get Married Abroad

Friday, 22 July 2016

Today is my husband and I's 3rd wedding anniversary. I can't believe it has been 3 years since we were in Cyprus having the best time of our lives and also that this year we are celebrating 10 years together as a couple. It was a big decision for us to get married abroad as we are very close with our families and knew that not all of them would be able to come with us.

The biggest reason for us going out to Cyprus was the weather. I really wanted an outdoor wedding and we just couldn't guarantee the weather in Wales. It was probably a little extreme going from wanting dry weather and getting 38 degrees but it was great knowing that I was waking up to a glorious day and it was one less thing to worry about. 

It was a lot cheaper than a wedding in this country. We had a party when we got home that we struggled to keep the guest list down to 200 on. That was mainly just family and our closest friends so you can imagine how much a wedding on that scale would have cost. The full wedding party including us was only 18 people so it was very small. We also had a lot of family, that couldn't make it to Paphos, on Skype and they watched the whole ceremony dressed up with champagne in my grandparents house which made my day. I was gutted when most of my family couldn't come, knowing they were kind of there, and even made some of the photos, was amazing. My sister was also wedding planning in Cyprus at the time and couldn't fly home so it made sense to get her to plan the whole thing and us fly to her. 

It made for the best memories. Obviously everyones wedding has amazing memories but we got to spend a whole week celebrating with some of our favourite people. The wedding was just the icing on the cake. Paphos is a beautiful place and we crammed so much into the week we were there. Every time I look at our photos I just want to be back with our friends and family having the most memorable holiday we will ever have. 

Abi xo

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