My Favourite Apple Watch Apps

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Last week my husband and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary and he bought me an Apple Watch. I really wasn't expecting it and I had wanted one for so long I walked round with a massive grin on my face all day. Now that I've had it for nearly a week and had some time to sit down and go through the apps I thought I would let you know what I am loving. 


Now, obviously this app isn't a revelation. We've all used Insta on our phones, but, I love the feed on the watch. The photos just look amazing on the face and its so easy to scroll through and interact with the images. The only down side is that you can't comment actual text to posts, just emojis which obviously have their limitations.


I was surprised that the watch didn't already come with a calculator but this one came highly recommended by every article written about the Apple Watch that I have read. It is a converter and a tip calculator as well as a calculator so its a really useful app that kind of speaks for itself.


This one is fab. Not only does it translate into most languages (including Welsh which I was most excited about) it also allows you to use that app as a complication (clock module) so every time I look at my watch there is a useful phrase in my chosen language waiting for me. This will be great for traveling as you literally just talk to your watch and it will give you the translation back. 

Traffic Monitor

This one is very good for everyone who is addicted to Pok√©mon as much as I am. Traffic Monitor tracks how much data you are using and how much you have left for the month. It also has a network speed test as a handy extra. 


This is a lot like Memories on Facebook but combines all of your social networks and also the images that you have on your phone and desktop. So you won't just have the really embarrassing, pointless statuses you put up 5 years ago you will have the really embarrassing photos from Instagram and your phone to accompany them. 

Do you have any app recommendations for the Apple Watch?

Abi xo

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