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Friday, 29 July 2016

As some of you may already know from me bumping my gums about it every 2 seconds, I am in the middle of gutting my new house, and by me I mean my dad. It is taking a bit longer than expected and it is still no where near complete so I am finding myself sitting scrolling through various websites looking at furniture and homeware and not being able to buy anything until I at least have a staircase. One website I am loving at the moment is Anthropologie everything is so quirky I love it all, so I picked a few of the smaller items I have been lusting over to share with you.

Dog-a-Day Dessert Plates - How cute are these. Anything with a Pug on goes straight into my basket wherever we are but this plate is the best by far! It is so cute I don't think I would be able to eat off it.

Heradia Cushion - I am planning on having a grey living room with nice bright accents so I know this would go fab with what I have in mind. I love the embroidery but would be a little worried that Pugsey would like it a little too much as well. 

Hammered Solena Votive -I already have a few copper accessories for around the house so this would already fit in well. I really like the quirkiness of it and even though it is only small think it would be a piece that would catch visitors eyes. It would also look fab in blog photos!

Bathing Elephant Trinket Dish - I am forever loosing little bits of jewellery and have always wanted one of these cute little holders but never found one I really loved. I have no idea why, but I really like elephants, I am always drawn to anything with elephant prints on. I like the small gold accents too so this will definitely be in my basket when I can actually start buying accessories. 

Superscript Monogram Coaster - I am a sucker for anything with my name or initial on and I also get really nerdy with fonts so when I saw these they were straight into my wishlist. The only problem is with there only being the two of us (and the dog) in the house I don't know what other letters to get. 

Do you have any favourite homeware shops that I should start looking in?

Abi xo

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