Benefit Llantrisant Blogging Event

Friday, 17 June 2016

Yesterday we were invited with a few select bloggers to the Llantrisant Boots Benefit Counter to try out the new brow products that are launching on the 24th. We were so excited to try out the rest of the products after getting our hands on some of them a few weeks ago. If you haven't already seen that post it's here.

So after a glass of bucks fizz on a arrival and a cupcake we were then given a demonstration of each individual product. We were shown how to brow map to achieve the perfect shape and also colour matched to the new range's amazing 6 shades! 

I have used Benefit's brow products for a few years and have so much love for them. This launch has blown me away with how different each product is and how they can all individually change your brow look so much! My favourites from last night were definitely Ka-Brow and 3D Browtones. After we were shown how to use each product we were given the chance to have a go ourselves and every product was so easy to apply and use. They all fit so comfortable in your hands to make application for even the newest people to the brow game, simple and quick!

We were also all given these awesome makeup bags filled with deluxe minis and samples of some of their best selling products, which I can't wait to try! 

You can now book for a preview and lesson on the new brow range and try them before release at the Llantrisant counter. Just call 01443 231621 or drop in to book and make sure to let them know Wanderlust Daydreaming sent you. 

Abi xo


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    1. It was :) It was nice being in such a small group and being able to chat. Usually there's so many people you can't have a proper conversation.

      Abi xo