Z Palette Review

Thursday, 5 May 2016

I have seen so many people raving about Z Palettes since I started blogging and they always had me intrigued but I never had enough products that I wanted to or could de pot, so didn't see the point. But after a bit of a haul on Benefit products, blog posts to follow, I finally decided to get one.

I have no idea why I chose lilac, it was a complete impulse buy and I am slightly regretting it now as there were so many other colours that I could have chosen. However the product itself is great. I had this one from Beauty Bay, and went for the large (go big or go home). It comes with small sticky magnets for any pots or items that are not metal which is great because I didn't have to waste all the little brushes that came with the products.

De potting everything looks a bit easier than it actually is. I managed to crack a foundation to about a million pieces which was gutting as it was brand new. But I am hoping it can still be saved with some alcohol to bond it back together. All in all I am really happy with it and am now thinking about getting a second palette for the other odd bits and bobs I have lying around.

Do you have a Z Palette? How do you organise yours?

Abi xo


  1. I've been thinking about getting one for a while but all of my palettes are too pretty on their own so I can't justify ruining them! I think if I did get one I would buy single shadows from ABH & Makeup Geek etc to fill it with!

    Just Little Things xx

    1. Yes, these were all from the kits that Benefit do that have lots of products in one palette and that packaging is all quite large and bulky so I didn't mind so much. My next one will be filled with single shadows I think!

      Abi xo