Tanya Burr Hollywood Eye Palette - Review

Saturday, 28 May 2016

A few months ago I was eyeing up the Tanya Burr eyeshadow palettes as they looked so beautiful. I love Tanya Burr anyway and when she brought out her first set of lip glosses I fell in love with them. I decided to pick up the eyeshadow palette called 'The Hollywood Eye Palette' as it looked right up my street.

The palette contains 4 eyeshadows which I think makes it perfect for travelling as I would use all these shades for one eye look which saves me carrying around my big Urban Decay Naked Palette. The shades are called 'Nude Delight' which is a matte white/cream colour, this is perfect for highlighting, 'Gold Coin' which is more of a shimmery cream/light gold shade, 'Enchantment' which is a bronze shimmer shade and 'Bookworm' which is a copper brown shimmer shade. The pigmentation of these eyeshadows is amazing and they look so pretty on the eyes. The packaging is cute and comes with a small heart shaped mirror, which i'm not really a fan of, I would prefer it if there was no mirror. All in all I think this palette is a bargain for £5.99, I will definitely be picking up a few more.


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  1. I nearly bought this palette ages ago, all of the shades look so pretty! I think I'll pick it up some time soon as it's so affordable x

    Just Little Things