McFly - Admiral Staff Party Cardiff

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Last night I got the chance to see McFly in Cardiff. It was an Admiral Staff party but I know a few people that work there so managed to get tickets for me, my husband and cousin. Lets just put it out there, Admiral know how to throw a party! The budget for this event must have been phenomenal, but I'm not complaining!

The party was amazing. It was inside the Principality Stadium and the theme was journey through time. Each area had a different theme with fairground rides and arcades. The Swinging Sixites area was London themed and had a black cab photo booth and London bus. No expense was spared, it was amazing! 

I was only there for one thing. I have loved McFly from their first performance on Saturday morning breakfast TV. They were number 1 in the charts when my husband and I got together and they were our wedding song. I've seen them so many times over the years and they never fail to disappoint. So when we got to the party I had a quick look around and then headed for the stage. I wanted to make sure I was in a good position, and it paid off because we were front row centre and managed to even speak to Danny! Life. Made. 

You can probably see by the bad quality of the video I was very excited. But they played an awesome set and it made me even more sad that I haven't got tickets for their tour in a few weeks. 

Abi xo

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