Benefit - Year of The Brow

Thursday, 19 May 2016

I have been so excited to share this post with everyone since I got my hands on these products! As a lot of you will already know, I love Benefit's brow products. I won't go anywhere else to get my eyebrows waxed, and when I found out they had a whole new range launching I was ecstatic. 

Some of the products are old favourites, relaunched with new formulas and packaging. But the rest are all new and exciting. Even the packaging it got sent in was enough to give me palpitations. Each product came with a nifty little bio showing the products main features. The product I was probably most intrigued by was the primer. 

All the brow range now comes in this super shiny new metallic silver packaging. They all look really futuristic and I love that everything now matches. Gimme Brow is my 'go to' product for brows at the moment so I'm glad they have just improved the packaging and haven't changed the product too much. 

I have been using the Browvo Conditioning Primer for a few days now and it feels lovely and moisturising, cooling the skin on application. I haven't noticed my brows looking any fuller yet, but I have got quite thick eyebrows any way and haven't been using it for that long. I have very high hopes for this product!

The Goof Proof Brow Pencil is amazing for a more natural looking brow. It has great coverage and is so quick and easy to apply. I love the double ended pencil and brush for on the go, on fleek brows. This comes in quite a few colours so would suit anyone looking for a natural full brow.

I love the brush on Ka-BROW! It detaches from the lid and then you can turn it around and make the lid into an elongated brush. I am terrible at using small brushes so this is perfect for me. The product itself is, again, very easy to use and has great coverage. It is buildable so you are able to create a more defined brow that lasts all day. 

I absolutely love these products and it is easy to see why Benefit are the UK's leading brand for brows and brow products. These products go on sale June 24th.

Abi xo

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